1330 Monte Sano Avenue • Augusta, GA 30904 | 706.738.8822

Missions and Outreach


Rev. Julia Crim, minister of Missions & Outreach; 706-738-8822 x 118 or email jcrim@trinityonthehill.net

Jess Anderson, Administrative Assistant; 706-738-8822 x 119 or email janderson@trinityonthehill.net

Outreach Executive Team:

  • Vince Brawley, Chair
  • Danny Newman, International Chair
  • Steve Wallace, National Chair
  • Mike Bedsole, Local Chair
  • Lauren Benson, Publicity Chair
  • Jessica Blanchard and Kimberly Knox, Prayer Chairs
  • Mal Lawrence and Debbie Clark, Trinity Outreach Celebration 2019 Chairs

Mission Partners

Local PartnersNational Partners International Partners

Upcoming Mission Events

Leadership Conference at ACE (American Caribbean Experience, Jamaica))

  • February 23-27, 2019
  • For Trinity men and women who will provide support and leadership for the conferences as well as do construction and work with children.
  • Contact Roy McVeigh at rmcveigh@trinityonthehill.net for information.

Youth/Family Mission to Jamaica

SOS Memphis (Youth Mission)

Medical Mission Trip, Destino del Reino in Honduras

  • July 20-27, 2019
  • Contact Gary Billingsley at gbjs@aol.com for information.
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