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Adult Sunday Morning Discipleship

Our church offers 12 different adult Sunday school classes that vary in teaching styles and life stages. Prior to mid-March 2020, these groups met faithfully in various Sunday school classes on our campus at 9:45am. Some classes are meeting again while others are meeting in creative ways as they continue to fellowship and grow together. If you are interested in visiting and/or joining any of these dynamic groups, please reach out to our Director of Discipleship, Shelley Martin.

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Adult Couples and Singles - Senior Adults; A-267

Senior adults providing a place to discover and apply God's Word.

Uses "Word Action, Faith Connections" curriculum.

Cornerstone Class - A-259

Exploring God's Word in relation to the culture in which we live. All adults of all ages and seasons in life are welcome.

Damren Class - Senior Adults; A-153

On-going study of worship and prayer as taught in the scriptures.

Uses "Bible Expositor and Illuminator, a Christian Life Series."

Faith Builders Class - Young Couples; B-242

Young couples seeking community in studying God's Word for families.

Open Door Class - A-004

Missional group putting Bible study into practice in the community.

Pairs and Spares Class - A-256

Studying life application curriculum with biblical mission focus.

The Potter's Class - B-132

Discussion-oriented group connecting Bible study to current events.

Real People's Class - A-157

Going deeper in Bible study related to sermon series

Salt and Light - Young Couples; A-161

Young couples growing in God's Truth for their marriage and family.

Seekers Class - A-261

Mission-oriented studies as explored through biblical teachings.

Women in the Word Class - A-005

Supportive and encouraging group of women exploring God's Word.