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Rev. Greg Hatfield

Minister to Senior Adults, Prayer Ministry and Careforce Ministry

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Pastor on Call: 706.801.9596
Phone: 706.738.8822 x 112
Email: ghatfield@trinityonthehill.net

I greatly enjoy people and experiencing with them the way we all walk through this journey of life. There is rarely a day that I am not overwhelmed by something God shows me through people, all people, especially those who are different than me. They allow me to realize we are all equally important to God. I have had great opportunity to stretch beyond our boundaries at this church to spend time with other denominations and the unchurched. I will be forever grateful.

Working with the people of this church for the majority of my ministry is more than a blessing, it is an incredible God-given provision to minister in so many directions. I love the opportunity to find new ways and rely on trusted ways to present the Gospel, especially through music and drama. There is a passion in my heart to find ways for all to hear and know Christ as Savior and Lord.

My family is a support beyond measure and I love them dearly. Their trust and courage coming here from secure roots in Kentucky was a sacrifice for which I will always be grateful and for them, even with the slightly higher temperatures, the experience has been a rewarding challenge and our new roots grew quickly. For me, this weather allows for tennis all year round so, hey, the win column continues to grow in many ways as long as I make sure the air conditioning is working! I am grateful for the love of my wife, Sandy, my Colorado child, Julie, and Ashley and Erin, who are here with us in beautiful Augusta.

"If your heart is as my heart, take my hand." - John Wesley
If that hand can hold a racquet, even better!! -Greg

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