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Worship Flowers

Placing flowers in the Sanctuary is a beautiful way to honor or memorialize a loved one and bring glory to God. Other worshipers can appreciate the arrangement and your sentiments will be printed in the Order of Worship with the following wording:

Flowers are placed in the Sanctuary today to the glory of God and in loving honor/memory of ________ by ______________.

Below, you'll find the 2021 schedule for Worship Flowers. Please contact Carol in the church office at 706.738.8822 x 114 or email cspires@trinityonthehill.net to reserve open dates or make changes to dates listed.

If you would like to use the florist that Trinity uses, Bush Florist in North Augusta, the cost is $117 to place flowers on the altar. If you prefer to use your own florist, you can make those arrangements and notify Carol in the office.

Worship Flowers

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