Adult Sunday School Classes

Adult Sunday School Classes meet from 9:45-10:45am in various classrooms around campus. Please contact Shelley Martin with any questions. We welcome you to visit any and all classes! 

Adult Couples & Singles

Led by: Alice Faxon & Julie Dent
Ages: 65+
Meeting Location: A267

This class is a caring community, led by class president, Alice Faxon. It is taught on a rotational basis and uses the lectionary as a teaching framework. Sundays are extra special in this class. Be sure to come closer to 9:30am as they start with a piano prelude while the class enjoys fellowship before the 9:45am start. As class begins, the announcements are given and followed by prayer and a lesson. With four teachers on rotation, there is a wide variety to lessons regarding both lecture and discussion. This class is available to join virtually through Zoom every week.


Led by: Jeffrey Williams & Tim Smail
Ages: 40’s-70’s
Meeting Location: A259

This class hosts people of all stages of life. Classes are lecture- style but class discussions and participation is highly encouraged. They are currently studying Mere Christianity by CS Lewis. In the past they have compared the books of Genesis and John and have studied the prophets. In general, they prefer lessons based on Scripture yet supplemented with videos and literature. This fun group is always up for a healthy discussion in theology.


Led by: Frances Rowell
Ages: 60’s-90+
Meeting Location: A161

This class is led by a gifted Bible teacher, Frances Rowell. She is strong in her knowledge of scripture and in application. She’s spunky and brings life as she teaches.  While this community is serious about the Word, they are also serious about praying for one another and for keeping fellowship. They are currently studying the Gospel of Luke and plan to remain in the gospels through John and then will move into the Book of Acts.

Faith Builders

Led by: Blake & Whitney Walker
Ages: 40’s-60’s, singles & couples
Meeting Location: E309

This class is made up of many who have children in the youth program. Starting this school year, they have a new teacher, Mark Phifer. New to Trinity last year, Mark jumped in quickly to offer a class for parents whose children were part of the confirmation class. His knowledge of scripture and compassion towards parents made Mark an instant favorite. The class will emphasize the importance of Scripture while covering foundational beliefs. Lessons will include both lecture and discussion. This class is looking for an assistant teacher and leaders to serve in a care capacity alongside Mark. This is a great season to plug in!

Open Door

Led by: Angie & Van Haywood
Ages: Middle to older adults, singles & couples
Meeting Location: A153

Lessons are lecture style teaching from a book of the Bible and how to apply God’s Word to our daily lives. Prior to the lesson, there is time to gather for coffee and light snacks and deepening Christian friendships among all ages. Weekly email updates keep the class informed of announcements, sharing prayer concerns and include notes from the Sunday Bible teaching lesson.

Pairs and Spares

Led by: Lauren Williams & Walt Alexanderson
Ages: 60’s+
Meeting Location: A256

This larger class of singles and couples has 40-50 in attendance each week. Members are between 65 and 80 years young. They use a diverse selection of materials with a combination of videos, direct Bible Study, and other materials to learn more about God’s word and deepen their faith walk. Classes are usually taught by class member volunteers. They are mission-minded and hold an auction each December which raises money each year for mission projects on the local and international level. Prayer concern and praises are taken weekly and shared by email. Throughout the year, they have parties, book clubs, and ladies’ retreats to keep them connected. They’d love to welcome you to their class!

Potters/ Seekers

Led by: Michael Rigdon
Ages: 50’s-70’s, singles & couples
Meeting Location: A261

Using Right Now Media videos, this class is centered on Bible scripture with open discussion, which is freely voiced. They also devote time to discussing current events in relation to the Bible. This small and authentically welcoming community is known for homemade treats and for being a praying community.

Truth & Grace

Led by: Elizabeth McGee & Ansley Coffey
Ages: Mid-20’s – 40’s, singles & couples
Meeting Location: B242, Choir Room

This new class, being taught by Doug Cates, is an effort of young couples to create the community that their parents have created- a group that studies Scripture together, is steadfast, and serves as an extended family through the many stages of life. Doug, having three sons in the same age-range as those in this class, is sure to understand issues and desires of this new class. Lessons will be taught lecture style with room for discussion and life-application to the everyday struggles in this stage of life.

Women in the Word

Led by: Tracie Long & Kathy Cawley
Ages: 35-70, single & married women
Meeting Location: A005

This is a friendly and supportive group of women who love welcoming others into their community. They stay connected through a weekly email which shares prayer concerns and a group text where they share encouraging sermons and songs and stay updated throughout the week. They are currently studying the book of Esther. They have a devotional style that moves into feedback and discussion.

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    Congregational Meeting on June 11th

    We will have a Congregational Meeting on Sunday, June 11th at 5:00pm in the sanctuary followed by a vote at 6:00pm to ratify our Church Council’s motion for Trinity on the Hill to affiliate with the Global Methodist Church. 

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