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"It's a mission trip, not a luxury trip, this is just adventure after adventure!"

From July 20th to July 27th a team of 30 people headed to Destino del Reino in Honduras. Destino is a school that serves some of the poorest families in its vicinity and is rapidly expanding. Our volunteers went to work in the medical and optometry clinic. To hear a bit more about the trip, we spoke with Beth Copeland who’s been going to Honduras for the past three years. Beth ministers to the children at Destino through crafts and activities while their parents visit the clinics.

“I got involved with the Honduras mission trip because I met Rhonda Jackson in Augusta and I’d been supporting a child in Destino financially for years. I decided I wanted to go meet this little girl and so I went on my first trip to Honduras and now I keep going back!”

“When we were there we were traveling around on the school buses the children used, so when they picked us up from the airport it was supposed to be a two hour trip to Destino. Well the bus kept overheating and breaking down, so the trip became a five hour trip, but we were all just laughing. We just laughed and said ‘Hey, it’s the joys of travel!'”

“The next day, we got another bus, but this one, this one the brakes didn’t work well. It was fine on flat surfaces but on any incline it just couldn’t handle passengers, so we’d have to get out and walk! We’d walk a while down the mountain, then when it evened out we’d ride the bus. It was fine until it got dark, then it was hard to see and we had these guys on motorcycles just pass by and stare at us. Still we said, ‘It’s a mission trip, not a luxury trip, this is just adventure after adventure!’ and we kind of laughed it off, but we campaigned to get hem a new bus since even their best buses kept breaking down and that what they transported the kids on! By the time we left, they had a new bus, and one of our team members was a mechanic and taught the folks there how to fix the buses and what repairs where needed when, so it ended up being a God thing by the end.”

For more information about Destino del Reino watch Rhonda’s testimony HERE, or visit their website HERE.

A special thank you to Trinity on the Hill member Beth Copeland for her pictures and her stories about Honduras, it was a blessing to be able to speak to her and to share her passion for Destino!

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