Female patient listening to doctor in medical office.
Jane Wall pictured on right

“When I retired 11 years ago I knew I needed and wanted to have plans about how I would spend my day and pushing a button to wash dishes, wash clothes and dry clothes was not how I wanted to spend my precious time.  I knew I wanted to go see my grandchildren and do other traveling that I never had time to do, so when Greg asked me to establish a Parish Nurse Program, I began to see a way I could continue my nursing skills and continue in what I felt was my personal mission – helping the ill and infirmed.   Since I had no idea what a Parish Nurse did, I spent time with other local Parish Nurses and went to week long seminar to learn more.”

“I then established the Faith Community Nurse program at Trinity.  In that role I coordinate health fairs, and along with Charlotte Drew conduct health screening each month at Prime Time, and often counsel with members of TOTH about their or a family member’s health concerns.  One member learned at a health fair that he needed carotid artery surgery to relieve a blockage and prevent a stroke, one member learned he was diabetic, and one young guest at Prime Time learned he was very hypertensive.  God placed these individuals in my life so that I could make a difference in at least 3 people’s life.  I have spent time with folks as they have gone to physician offices to learn about serious health problems, been with folks going through life changing surgeries, and counselled with families as they have struggled with how to best care for an elderly relative who can no longer live alone.  Again, all these opportunities have been sent to me by God and provided me ways to continue to serve Him.”

“But this was not enough, so now I volunteer for the Red Cross as a nurse and serve in the Department of Health Services responding to clients who have had a home fire making sure all the medications and health care supplies destroyed in the fire are replaced. Red Cross Nurses are also needed in disaster shelters and since TOTH has an agreement with the Red Cross to serve as a disaster shelter, I work as a Red Cross nurse when Trinity opens as a shelter. I have now worked in 3 TOTH Red Cross shelters. The first time I did so, I realized I needed much more training in disaster management and completed several Red Cross courses in order to become a Red Cross Shelter Manager. With the help of Julia Crim, Bob Bell, and Eric Long, TOTH now has a Disaster Shelter Plan that provides guidance about operating a shelter so the mission of TOTH as well as the Red Cross can be better achieved.

 When people have to leave their home in an emergency, they are often anxious, worried and concerned and many have health care needs that cannot go unmet while they are away. So serving as a Red Cross nurse or shelter manager is an opportunity to serve God’s people during a time when they most need help. During the last time TOTH opened as a shelter, the health care team arranged for several people to replace medications they left at home, sent two people to the ER, two people to Dr. Danny Newman’s office, and arranged for one person to have dialysis treatments. Being the hands and feet of Christ when people need it the most in a safe and caring shelter is a perfect way to ‘Know Christ and Make Christ Known’.” 

 —   Jane Wall

Trinity on the Hill member

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