Overseeing aspects of care to members of the congregation in the Spirit of Christ


Pastoral Care

Pastor on Call: 706-955-0299

When to Contact a Pastor:

Any circumstance where you need spiritual assistance, we welcome your call. This would include death or near death situations, accidents, hospitalization, emergency or urgent medical procedure, prayer, family crisis, marriage conflict, counseling referral.

Currently our pastors are serving as Pastor on Call on a rotational basis each week.

CareForce Ministry

The Care Ministry at TOTH operates under the name CareForce. Simply put, CareForce oversees most all aspects of care to members of the congregation in the Spirit of Christ. The areas of ministry are listed here along with ways to join the CareForce teams.


Care Ministries

Angel’s Touch

Angel’s Touch is a faith-based ministry for parents who have had a child predecease them. We offer comfort that comes from our Lord. Anyone is welcome. All who come have experienced loss, so you will be in the presence of those who understand your grief.

As of July 2022, Angel’s Touch has moved to:
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
1002 Carolina Avenue
North Augusta, SC 29841

They meet the second Thursday of every month at 7pm. 

Hospital Visitation

CareForce has two teams of volunteers that visit hospitalized persons in area hospitals and rehab facilities. In addition, all clergy of the church make hospital visits to members, attendees, family members and the like and, in some circumstances, outside the area. ***All visitation teams are currently on hold, as this changes visitation teams will update their activity***

Contact the church office at 706.738.8822 to report a person in the hospital or scheduled surgery or medical procedure.

In Home (Homebound) Ministry

People who cannot attend church and church functions due to age, illness or physical impairment can be part of our In-Home Ministry list. These persons are visited regularly by a Visitation Volunteer assigned to them. In most cases, this bond between volunteer and the person is strong and beneficial to both.

Contact the church office at 706.738.8822 to submit a name for In Home Ministry.

Grief and Bereavement Ministry

The loss of a loved one is devastating and it is impossible to endure significant loss without help and support and spiritual guidance. CareForce has several ministries in place for those who have experienced loss. If you have need of support or care through your loss please use the links below or call the church to schedule a visit with a pastor who can help you begin to process your grief.

Please call the PASTOR ON CALL Number, 706-955-0299, to report a loss within the congregation or those connected with the congregation by family, friendship or attendance ESPECIALLY if immediate attention is desired.

Become a Bereavement Volunteer – Many small groups like Sunday School classes take care of their members with food and support. In many cases, the deceased and/or family is not part of such a group; therefore, CareForce will provide food and comfort. If you like to make and take food in bereavement situations, make phone calls or just stop by to chat, please consider joining our ministry. Contact the church office at 706.738.8822.

Correspondence Ministry

Cards are sent to members in times of great joy and deep despair. This dedicated group of volunteers send prayerful thoughts and encouraging comments to those who are experiencing life’s ups and downs. This important ministry has been a God-send to so many people at just the right time, maybe even you!

Contact the church office at 706.738.8822 if you feel a call to minister through mail or if you know someone who needs encouragement.


CareForce maintains a referral list of local approved professionals. Contact the church office at 706.738.8822 if you would like to see the list or discuss your situation with a pastor.

Compassion Fund

In some instances, for members, there is the need for a little help with a utility bill. If you feel you are in a bind call the church office at 706.738.8822 for a confidential evaluation of your needs and resources.

If you have a need or are aware of another member that has a need at home or vehicle issues, please contact the church office at 706.738.8822 for possible resources


Submit a Prayer Request

Roy McVeigh
Rev. Roy McVeigh
Minister of Senior Adults, Congregational Care, Men & Recreation

706.738.8822 x 104

Lauren Spivey
Lauren Spivey
Administrative Assistant

706.738.8822 x 106


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