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Mom's Sanctuary

Online Bible Study Group

Wednesday, August 5 at 8 pm

Dear Momma with Children at Home,
We understand that with your peeps pulling on you physically and emotionally, it is not always easy to make time to read lengthy devotionals or stay consistent with Bible reading. We think we can help.

Yep, there is an app for that. Within the YouVersion app (you probably already have it - the brown Holy Bible with the red bookmark on the bottom) is an entire library of "plans" or what were once known as "daily devotionals," and they are categorized by topic and range from days to weeks, depending on your preference.

Lillian (our Children's Ministry Director) and I (Director of Women's Ministries & Adult Discipleship) are starting a weekly zoom group for moms with treasures in their homes (from diapers to high school...not the one living in the basement who was supposed to move out ten years ago...we can start a group for those moms next). This gathering is for those who may be feeling a bit overwhelmed and need a stream of other moms to bring some encouragement and practical tips for handling this unprecedented season.

And yes, this is open to non-Trinity members. Who do you know that needs help? We are starting with the topic of anxiety. The game plan is to have you download the app, connect on the plan, receive the notifications for daily readings and then meet on the weekly zoom to share insights, listen, and pray.

Let me be clear: We are NOT grading anyone. Whether you prefer to diligently read daily or binge the day of, we get it; we are simply inviting moms to leave the chaos for a minute and come into a room where messiness, fragility, pajamas, and all of your authenticity is welcome. From one mom to another, let us do this thing together. Our family needs us. We need each other. But, MOSTLY, we need Jesus.
Where will you be at 8 p.m. on Wed Aug 5th? Come to the introductory meeting. No homework required. Just show up to find out the details. Tell your family that this is your OPEN HOUSE, only you don't have to dress to impress.


Mom's Sanctuary Zoom Meeting

Wednesday, August 5 at 8 p.m.

Meeting ID: 846 600 3637

Passcode: 5780

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