1330 Monte Sano Avenue • Augusta, GA 30904 | 706.738.8822

Missions and Outreach


Rev. Julia Crim, minister of Missions & Outreach; 706-738-8822 x 118 or email jcrim@trinityonthehill.net

Jess Anderson, Administrative Assistant; 706-738-8822 x 119 or email janderson@trinityonthehill.net

Outreach Executive Team:

  • Danny Newman, Chair
  • Matt Dyches, International Chair
  • TBA, National Chair
  • Mike Bedsole, Local Chair
  • Lauren Benson, Publicity Chair
  • Jessica Blanchard and Kimberly Knox, Prayer Chairs
  • Mal Lawrence and Debbie Clark, Trinity Outreach Celebration 2019 Chairs

Mission Partners

Local PartnersNational Partners International Partners

Upcoming Mission Events

Medical Mission Trip, Destino del Reino in Honduras

  • July 20-27, 2019
  • Please be in prayer for these team members as they serve alongside our Destino del Reino mission partners in July:
    Stephanie Anderson, Benjamin Bayliss, Jocelyn Bayliss, Rod Bayliss, Gary Billingsley, Bill Brooks, Beth Copeland, Jennifer Gamble, Audra Holder, Laura Holder, Jennifer Johnson, Rick Johnson, Joe Kappes, Lisa Lawrence, Mal Lawrence, Palmer Lawrence, Olivia Leonard, Olivia Lee Leonard, Johnny Logan, Robert MacGregor, Danny Newman, Jon Newman, Libby Noeth, Tyson Noeth, Cab Stitt, Kathy Stitt, Carmen Welch, Sofie Welch, Anthony Wilkerson

Mission Teams Coming to Augusta

  • July 21-27
  • Teams will be coming from Tennessee to Augusta to help our local Trinity Relief Team in serving our local mission partners.
  • Team leader: Tim Smail - tim120592@att.net

Medical Mission Trip, Jamaica

  • October 12-19, 2019
  • Medical and non-medical personnel needed!
  • $1500/person includes all travel, lodging, meals and ground transportation for the week.
  • Scholarships are available.
  • Contact Team Leader: Dr. David Gallagher at davidgal@mindspring.com

Mission Trip to India in 2020

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