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To our Trinity family,

As your church leadership continues to be engaged in all that is going on in the UMC Denomination, we want to keep our church family informed of what we are doing at Trinity on the Hill. After more than 13 months of research, study and prayer; our church’s Fact Finding Team made a report and recommendation to our Church Council leadership at our May 17th meeting. I am including herewith the following hyperlinks so that you can find each element of the FFC report made at that meeting.

You can find each element of the report here:
This page includes our Education, New Denomination, Legal and Finance Reports, as well as our Fact Finding Committee Team Recommendation.

After receiving the Fact-Finding Team’s report, the floor was opened for discussion, questions and comments. In conclusion, the Church Council voted overwhelmingly 25-2 to request our District Superintendent to schedule a Called Church Conference for the purpose of our congregation voting on moving forward with Trinity on the Hill UMC disaffiliating from the United Methodist Church.

Your church leadership is doing everything we can to keep you updated and informed as we move through this process. To further our effort, Church Council is holding a Town Hall meeting in our Sanctuary on Sunday, June 5th from 9:30a to 10:30a to answer any questions you might have on disaffiliation. To allow time for this, 3 on the Hill worship and adult Sunday School classes will be cancelled so all worshippers may attend. We will adjourn the meeting at 10:30a to worship God in our 11:00a scheduled worship service. If questions remain, members of our Fact Finding Committee will remain in the Sanctuary after the 11:00a service to answer any additional questions you might have.

In preparation for the Town Hall meeting, it is imperative that you watch and read all the information shared at the above website links. After doing so, we would ask you to submit any questions you may have here: Questions need to be submitted by Thursday, June 2 at 5:00pm in order to give members of the Fact-Finding Team adequate time to research and answer questions in preparation for our Town Hall meeting.

To make sure this information is available to everyone, the educational videos listed above will also be shown in the Chapel on June 5th at 8:30a.

I want to thank all of our church family for taking this time to do your part to remain educated about the facts encompassing the decisions we will have to make in the days ahead.

Thank you for your prayers for our church and please continue to pray for God’s will for us as we move forward.

Larry Moss

Church Council Chair, Trinity on the Hill

3 thoughts on “Town Hall Meeting – June 5”

  1. I hope Mr Moss’s session on Sunday will be available on the church web site. I will be away and cannot attend.


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